Piggy Bank launches in St.Vincent & the Grenadines

(Press release) With the Piggy Bank platform, local businesses of any size can harness the marketing power of a customizable mobile loyalty points program.

​Customer loyalty programs are powerful tools to keep a retailer’s customers returning rather than losing them to the competition. However, due to the complexity and high cost, customer loyalty programs have mostly been the domain of the larger businesses and not smaller merchants. That has changed with the launch of Piggy Bank Loyalty, a powerful and customizable customer loyalty program that is both simple to set up and manage as well as affordable and scalable.

With Piggy Bank Loyalty, any business in St Vincent & the Grenadines can create a customized mobile customer loyalty points program in minutes without the need for any physical cards and/or equipment. Customers would simply download the Piggy Bank Loyalty app once, create a free account and then use it at all participating businesses to bank points with their phone number or QR-code. 

Instead of charging businesses a fixed monthly or yearly recurring fee for the use of the platform, businesses are billed a few cents only when they issue points to customers. There are no other fees involved – pricing is strictly pay-per-use and billed at the end of the month for the previous month’s transactions.

“I noticed a trend at a popular local supermarket in St Vincent which has its own points card program. Customers were actually trading places in the checkout line in exchange for a few points. This alerted me that people really want to save money and that they would go where ever they can to do so.” explained Marvin Harry, Founder & Developer of Piggy Bank. “I also realized that physical cards are expensive to produce and because of that only the larger businesses are able to have these programs. However, with the proliferation of mobile phones here in St Vincent, there had to be a better, more efficient way to allow any size business to have their own loyalty points program just like the big guys. That is where the Piggy Bank idea came from.”

One of the first businesses to sign on to the Piggy Bank Loyalty Network is Echelon Restaurant & Bar located in Kingstown. Patrons can now use the Piggy Bank app to collect and redeem points at Echelon going forward. 

Why do businesses need a loyalty points program? 

A customer loyalty program has many benefits, including strengthening the relationship between the business and the customer, having repeat business from customers and growing sales. By having an effective program, businesses can offer loyalty points to their clients for their repeat business. Customers can save points towards future cash discounts.

Customers can download the Piggy Bank Loyalty app at https://bit.ly/piggybanka for Android devices and at https://bit.ly/piggybanki for IOS devices.

Piggy Bank Loyalty is a subsidiary of Caribbean Adventures Limited.

For more information visit – https://piggybanksvg.com or email piggybankloyalty@gmail.com

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