(Press Release)

KINGSTOWN St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited is advising that several customers will receive electricity bills with above average billing days for the August billing period. 

Over the past few weeks the Company was impacted by a number of unexpected events that resulted in the unusual change. VINLEC is taking detailed actions internally to reduce the likelihood of this occurrence. The Company is aware that this incident will cause some inconvenience to customers and extends apologies to those affected. 

Meanwhile, customers are asked to note that the Fuel Surcharge Rate applicable on August bills remains relatively low. The August rate is 22.65 cents per unit, a similar rate to the July figure which was the lowest since March 2016. VINLEC is encouraging customers to monitor consumption patterns and take practical measures to conserve energy, as some customers are less vigilant with their consumption when Fuel Surcharge rates are low. The Company continues to monitor matters relating to the electricity industry globally and remains committed to providing a safe and reliable service. 

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