Fake clone page promotes fake medical clinics

By Admin. Updated 9:50 p.m., Sunday, September 6, 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Kingstown, St. Vincent (ONE NEWS SVG) – A fake version of a page promoting the Unity Labour Party – ULP, was created recently, falsely promoting that ULP Central Leeward candidate, Orando Brewster will conduct medical clinics.

A post on the fake version of the page 5 Straight stated that “Dr Randy Brewster will be conducting free medical clinics in Layou and Barroualie from September 14. He will be at the Layou Miracle Centre on Tuesday September 15 and at the Barrouallie Evangelical Church on Thursday September 16, 2020 beginning at 9 am each day,”.

“These clinics will continue each week at the same dates, times and venues. All are welcome, ” the post further stated.

It is not known who created the fake page but several persons have reported that a Facebook account named Vinci Kallaloo invited them to like the page. Updated 10:34 p.m.

But, in a series of posts on Sunday night, the real 5 Straight page sounded the alarm about the fake page, dismissing it as malicious.

A post on the real page stated:

“URGENT ATTENTION: The NDP IMPOSTERS have opened this Facebook page using the our 5 STRAIGHT LOGO AND PICTURES.
Please be advised that our 5 STRAIGHT is in NO WAY associated with the malicious posts against the ULP that are being made. We sincerely apologize for any harm this willful act has caused to the ULP and those at whom the posts were directed. We are working expeditiously to have the matter resolved,”.

The post about the clinics was a shock to many because though Mr. Brewster has a Doctor of Medicine degree, he will have to successfully complete an internship in order to be able to practice medicine.

In recent statements, the political first-timer said he could go into public health instead.

There has been much debate by key individuals on social media, over Mr. Brewster’s decision to contest the next general election, not having completed his medical internship.

Mr. Brewster has said, however, that his medical degree is there and he can go into public health instead.

At press time, the fake page had 254 likes, while the real page had some 851 likes on Facebook.

The general election campaign in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is heating up as Vincentians await the days for the next poll.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said the next general election will be held before year-end.

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