Lorenzo is Radikal Entertainment’s back-to-school winner

By Demion McTair. Updated 2:06 p.m., Sunday, September 6, 2020, Atlantic. Standard Time (GMT-4).

Left to right: Founder of Radikal Entertainment – Rawdica Stephen, presenting cash and back to school goodies to student – Lorenzo Jeffery.

When Barrouallie resident Goldeen Jeffery attended the inaugural Radikal Entertainment games night on August 29, she had no idea she would win a back-to-school promotion for her son Lorenzo.

Jeffery emerged as the winner of the promotion, which was set up for a parent who supported the games night, as she participated in most of the games.

As a result, her son, Lorenzo Jeffery, who is at primary school, received a cash contribution and back to school goodies.

The founder of Radikal Entertainment, Rawdica Stephen, says she thanks everyone who supported her first event.

She told One News SVG today, (Sunday, September 6), that she plans to host more events that add value to patrons and provides rewards.

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