10 years of SVGAMP- Where do we go from here!

Press release by (SVGAMP)

April 6th 2020, marked 10 years of SVGAMP being registered as the Official Governing
Body for:
 Music/Artiste Development
 Music Rights
 Raising Awareness for Music Use and Licensing
 Enhancing, Promoting and Raising Awareness for ECCO Rights within St. Vincent
and the Grenadines.

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association of Music Professionals (SVGAMP) was
born out of the passion and drive to empower and recognise the efforts and ingenuity of our
local Creative Industry. Historically under represented as a sector both locally and regionally;
in 2010 the persistent advocacy of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Department of Culture,
led the charge thru out the OECS, to explore a Regional Royalty Collection Body to monitor
our regional music use. Thus the birth of ECCO.

However, the wide-ranging regional scope of ECCO’s mandate restricted its ability to
effectively support the grassroots needs of the local entertainment and information sectors;
hence SVGAPM was established as the foundational support pillar in building a Professional,
Profitable and Proficient Music and Creative Industry in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Now 10 years old, where is SVGAMP today?

With a new world and way of doing business and entertainment fast emerging, The Executive
of SVGAMP wishes everyone stays safe and diligent thru this storm. We see it as a time to
strengthen our formal structures through the implementation of long advocated policies
around Fair Music Use and Promotion Practices.

The aim is to strengthen the presence and bring recognition to the viability of the Music and
Creative Industries within St. Vincent and the Grenadines. In 2020 we find ourselves in a
space where Vincy Soca and Artist have made a definitive mark within the regional and
international Music arenas. However, it is still difficult to quantify and verify the industries
impact on our GDP. SVGAMP have been actively advocating for the establishment of key
policies to support mandatory registration, giving validation to the true scope and impact of
SVG Musicians and Artisans.

We want to remind and encourage all who have made a living from Music, Events etc and the
Creative Arts; to align themselves and register with SVGAMP and Ecco, who are
membership based. This would allow us to strengthen our position politically, publically and
professionally to move the industry and business of creativity forward; establishing more
opportunities at grassroots level to benefit first hand from the profits and accolades associated
with their craft.

Initiatives such as our awareness campaigns for World Intellectual property day, along with
activities to unfold, help to build capacity in support of our mandate. However, there is still
little awareness and understanding of SVGAMP’s role and remit amongst the populous, and
admittedly; we have fallen prey to those who would utilise the organisation to their own
agendas. Thus we are calling out to all those with a passion and understanding for Vincy
Music and Culture to connect with SVGAMP; those who are willing to commit their time and
effort, not just their criticism. Please align yourselves and bring your knowledge and ideas to
the table, so we can move ourselves forward amidst all the uncertainty posed by COVID-19’s
ongoing effect on the Creative Industries.

This call is even truer for the most successful and recognised artists, producers and even radio
stations in our community. Your support through not only membership, but also compliance
in the submission of playlists, performance and entertainment logs would provide the tangible
evidence we need of the economic contributions made by the creative sectors.
Key areas of Advocacy in 2020

  1. Completion of the application for the law that grants permission for amplified sound to be
    amended, so that event holders/promotors would have to first be registered with SVGAMP,
    before applying to The Police Force for final approval of their event.
  2. Lobbying the Police Traffic Dept to withdraw amplified sound in all public transportation
  3. Placing quiet zone signs around all schools across SVG! No loud music nor horn blowing
    during school hours. Distance to be determined.
  4. Securing a suitable space for SVGAMPs proposed rehearsal band room.
    This will be used by the High schools that don’t have instruments or teachers to practice for
    The popular High School Bands showcase now on its 3rd year! This space will also be
    available to the general public and members at a per hour use cost.
  5. Seeking to have regulations governing the percentage of Vincentian music played on radio
    stations acknowledged and enforced, while also finding ways to have stations pay to play
    music of all genres and origins. We need the radio stations and a new broadcast policy is
    needed to level this field that is at this time no benefit to the creators who release their music
    to unlicensed stations.

There are also a number of businesses and professionals who use music to enhance their
products and services; even to the extent that music forms a vital part of their venture’s
success. SVGAMP registration is essential to such entities and individuals, as it ensures the
payment and dissemination of the relevant and required fee related to music use at all levels.

It is at this point that our synergy with ECCO is solidified. Taking into account that most of
the music that is available is owned and registered by the creators; it is the mandate of the
Eastern Caribbean Collection Organization for Music Rights to collect and distribute earnings
for the sector, both regionally and internationally.
SVGAMP is here for all to access details, help and info pertaining to their needs.
Professions that should be under the SVGAMP umbrella include, but are not limited to:
 Radio Stations
 Announcers
 Deejays
 Writers
 Performers
 Producers
 Musical Event Promotors or
 Event Planners that will use music
 Any Individual / Organisation who uses music that is not their own
 Students
 Schools / Teachers of Music

We are also lobbying for membership to benefit on import duties and fees for equipment and
other needed supplies, purchased overseas to name a few.
So, this is an appeal to all concerned, to help us by uniting and aligning yourselves with
SVGAMP and ECCO! We are here even if the office is closed in Peace Memorial Hall, we
can be reached via our Facebook Page; @SVGAMP1.

Here we invite interested parties to register and become an active member of SVGAMP.
Registration is FREE at all levels until the 1st December 2020, after which our revised annual
fee structure will apply. We have a wide range of engagement activities scheduled for 2020
ad we are excited to welcome our current and perspective member along as we journey to the
future of Music , Arts and Culture in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

In closing, we would like to wish all citizens of St. Vincent and The Grenadines Happy
Independence, and the blessing of God to you and your.

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