Campaign promises for South Leeward: Glasgow VS Stephenson

By Admin

In this issue, we focus the attention on the constituency of South Leeward, where we have first-time Unity Labour Party (ULP) candidate Dr. Mineva Glasgow and the New Democratic Party (NDP) incumbent – Nigel Stephenson. Their plans are as follows but are not limited to:

Dr. Mineva Glasgow:{The following information was taken from her speeches delivered on ULP platforms from August to October 2020.} The first-time candidate development plans for the constituency are as follows:

  1. Develop agriculture to encourage back yard farming and infrastructural development in Questelles & Chauncey by distributing seedlings to Farmers and Families.
  2. Help farmers to own lands that they currently use for agriculture.
  3. Introduce Eco-Tourism in the Vermont valley ( Table Rock & Nature Trails).
  4. Construct a Fisheries Complex at Clare Valley.
  5. Build Gazebos at Lower Questelles Bay.
  6. Build a Modern Polyclinic at Campden Park.
  7. Construct and refurbish Multi-purpose sporting and recreational facilities.
  8. Upgrade road network by resurfacing and fixing the Big-Bush road, Bonadie Hill road, Vermont main road, Riversdale road, among others.
  9. Refurbish Penniston Community Centre.
  10. Introduce Adult education classes & Evening classes through the YATE program (Youth and Adult Training for Employment).
  11. Refurbish the Dubois school to be used as a learning resource facility.
  12. Introduce a Mentorship program for women.
  13. Expansion of electricity and communication network.
  14. Construct river defense in the Vermont river.

Nigel Stephenson: {The following information was taken from his speeches delivered on NDP platforms during the period July – September 2020.} The incumbent who is Shadow Minister for Community Development, Local Government, Youth and Sports has served two terms as the constituency’s representative in parliament and has put forward the following development plans:

  1. Introduce a Non-Traditional Market for farmers.
  2. Mechanization within the agriculture sector for all farmers.
  3. Food processing factory in Penniston
  4. Introduce Nature Tourism in the Vermont Valley.
  5. Construct Zip-Line & Cable cart at Paradise/Vermont Nature Trails which would operate on renewable energy.
  6. Build a solar farm at Clarevalley.
  7. Introduce a road repair program which includes the upgrading of feeder roads.
  8. Build a Link road from Vermont – Spring Village – Chateaubelair to encourage trade and travel.
  9. Construct a Multipurpose indoor sporting facility.
  10. Get international scouts to seek local athletes.
  11. Build a reservoir/Dam at the lower end of the Vermont river to protect the villages of Cane Grove, Pembroke & Buccament bay from flooding.
  12. Use reservoir as an irrigation source for farmers.
  13. Modernize form of fishing in Clarevalley
  14. Refurbish Community Centers at Vermont & Penniston to offer skills training and mentorship. <*The Vermont Community Centre is currently undergoing reconstruction>

Election Day is Thursday, November 5, 2020.

Nomination Day is slated for October 20, 2020, and both candidates are expected to be nominated to contest the November 5 poll.

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