Campaign promises for West Kingstown: Charles Vs Cummings

by Admin

In this issue we focus the attention on the constituency of West-Kingstown, where we have second time (ULP) candidate Mrs. Deborah Charles and the (NDP) incumbent Mr. Daniel Cummings. Their plans are as follows but are not limited to:

Mrs. Deborah Charles: {The following information was taken from her speeches delivered on ULP platforms during the period August – September 2020.} The second time contender vying to represent the West Kingstown constituency development plans are as follows:

Develop road infrastructures throughout the constituency which includes the following:

  • Construct a road that connects Great-House to Lowmans Bay.
  • Link road between Spring and Bonadie’s Property.
  • Create foot path that connects Great-House & Buddy Gutter.
  • Create foot path that connects Mahoe & Burgin.
  • Construct road from Gun Hill to Ottley Hall.
  • Complete Buddy Gutter road construction.
  • Widen Lowmans Bay Road.
  • Create a road that links Gibson Corner – Fenton- Dauphine as an alternative route to Kingstown.
  • Create a foot path that connects Grand-Gate to Walker-Peace.
  1. Create a Hard Court in the vicinity of Spring & Bonadie’s Property.
  2. Define the Buddy-Gutter Stream.
  3. Develop a modern sewage treatment plant in Rose Place. 
  4. Develop a plan to connect the communities of Edinboro & Montrose sewer network.
  5. Relocation of the residence of Rose-Place to Edinboro & Lowmans Bay
  6. Upgrade Montrose Tennis court
  7. Upgrade playing field in Ottley Hall & Largo Height to include pavilions and bathroom facilities.
  8. Build a new hard court in Lowmans.
  9. Create a national park and recreational area at Lowmans Bay.
  10. Create green spaces for recreational activities.
  11. Construct a public Library & Resource Centre.
  12. Introduce programs that would teach skills and entrepreneurial best practices.
  13. Encourage back yard gardening & encourage competitions for “best Garden” to promote agriculture.
  14. Open business opportunities by utilizing available factory space at the industrial area at Campden Park.
  15. Make lands available to WK residence for business and home ownership.

Mr. Daniel Cummings: {The following information was taken from his speeches delivered on NDP platforms during the period July – September 2020.} The incumbent who is Shadow Minister for Transport & Works, Energy, Water and Housing has served two terms as the constituency’s representative in parliament and has put forward the following development plans:

Expand and repair road network throughout the entire constituency, including:

  • Create a main road that links Ottley Hall – Lowmans Bay – Campden Park.
  • Create access road for Ottley Hall – Gun Hill – Walker Peace.
  • Build access road to residential areas.
  1. Implement Constituency Development Fund.
  2. Construct a Tourist stop and Look out facility that would be equiped with telescopes and vending spaces for local entrepreneurs.
  3. Repair Bridge at Fort Charlotte.
  4. Upgrade Museum at Fort Charlotte.
  5. Upgrade tourism facilities at Fort Charlotte.
  6. Construct a high-rise residential area in Rose Place which would include apartments, open court yard, shops, food court, restaurants, playground, artesian shops, among other features.
  7. Rehabilitate the Ottley Hall Marina & Shipyard.
  8. Create a Supermarket and Hotel in the vicinity of the Ottley Hall Marina & Shipyard.
  9. Create several employment opportunities.
  10. Provide all basic infrastructures.

**The candidate has indicated that he would release a West Kingstown development manifesto.

Election Day is Thursday, November 5, 2020.

Nomination Day is slated for October 20, 2020, and both candidates are expected to be nominated to contest the November 5 poll.

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