Campaign promises for West St. George: King vs Baptiste

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In this issue we focus the attention on the constituency of West Saint George, this constituency is earmarked for major national development projects by the current political party in power (ULP) which forms part of the strategic goals mentioned in the National Economic and Social Development plan 2013-2025 (click to see document here) and were proposed in the party’s 2015 manifesto. (click to see document here)

  • The building of a modern city at the Arnos Vale site of the decommissioned E.T. Joshua Airport.
  • The relocation of some of the major departments of the Milton Cato Hospital to an Acute Referral Hospital to be built at Arnos Vale. 

In the upcoming general elections we have two new candidates vying to become the representative for the constituency. Mr. Curtis King, the ruling (ULP’s) Unity Labour Party’s candidate and Mrs. Kay Bacchus-Baptiste the (NDP’s) New Democratic Party’s candidate. Their plans are as follows but are not limited to:

Mr. Curtis King: {The following information was taken from his speeches delivered on ULP platforms during the period July – September 2020.} The candidate has expressed that his focus will be on the enhancement of the living circumstances of his constituents and to build on the continuous development set by former representatives of the constituency. His development plans are as follows:

  1. Construction of the Acute Referral Hospital at Arnos Vale
  2. Relocation of the Pole Yard residents
  3. Implement a Belair Spa Project where community integration would be on the forefront for the use of the Spa while developing a tourism product for economic propulsion.
  4. Construction of the Dorsetshire Hill playing field.
  5. Help the occupants of upper Queens Drive to own lands on which they reside.
  6. Construct River & Sea defenses.
  7. Build a secondary road to link Gomea – Welcome.
  8. Create access roads to residential areas throughout the constituency.
  9. Encourage private sector investment.
  10. Upgrade the Arnos Vale playing field ( implementation of the replay screens, lighting, among others)
  11. The enhancement of the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex to be the hub for sporting, cultural and entertainment events of the constituency.

Mrs. Kay Bacchus-Baptiste {The following information was taken from her speeches delivered on NDP platforms during the period June – September 2020.} The first time candidate expressed that she would provide jobs and the investment needed to stimulate economic growth within the constituency. She also stated that all of her mentioned plans can be implemented within the first three years if an NDP government gets into power. Her Development plans are as follows:

  1. The implementation of the Constituency Development Fund.
  2. Bottle Spa water at Gomea Spa for local and export market.
  3. Upgrade the Dorsetshire Hill playing field and implement flood lights.
  4. Refurbish the Dauphine Community Centre and provide proper lighting at the playing field.
  5. Introduce a West St. George Splendid FM at Queens Drive that will be retrofitted with a recording studio for local artiste.
  6. Create an Agriculture Clinic
  7. Distribute seedlings and tutor persons on how to grow and maintain a back yard garden.
  8. Host an annual exhibition to show case agricultural and cottage industries.
  9. Promote expansion and job creation through the proposed Development Bank.
  10. Rehabilitate the road network within the constituency which includes feeder roads for farmers.
  11. Encourage livestock rearing, small ruminants & bovine( sheep, goats, cattle, etc) by providing funding and technical advise.
  12. Reintroduce agriculture in all schools.
  13. Implement a solar pump irrigation.
  14. Assist with mechanization by providing Auger to dig holes.
  15. Revitalize the furniture industry by utilizing Mahogany Mountain.
  16. Promote scenic drives through Fenton road – Green Hill -Queens Drive – Dorsetshire Hill – Airy Hill – Belmont, with pit stops and bathroom facilities.
  17. Build gazebos in the vicinity of the Spa.
  18. Develop and maintain ball-grounds.
  19. Rehabilitate the Belair health center.
  20. Introduce Character Education: Training in skills and adult education.

Election Day is Thursday, November 5, 2020.

Nomination Day is slated for today (October 20, 2020,) and both candidates are expected to be nominated to contest the November 5 poll.

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