By Carlos Williams

To the People of the Northern Grenadines,
Now that the election season has ended, I express heartfelt thanks to those who have taken this journey with me and I congratulate Dr. Godwin Friday on winning the election in the Northern Grenadines.

To my fellow constituents and especially those who voted for me and the ULP, I appreciate your confidence in me to do what is in the best interest of the people and to move our constituency forward with excellence. I am deeply moved and humbled by the trust you have placed in me, and I am truly grateful for your generosity, time and efforts during the campaign.

Not only have you entrusted me, but you have also motivated me with constructive criticism and feedback needed to build consensus and implement plans for our future. I sincerely appreciate your openness and your willingness to discuss what truly matters to you, and I am committed to doing my utmost, regardless of the opportunity to represent you in parliament.

Stronger Together is not just a campaign slogan, it remains a crucial approach toward the advancement of the Northern Grenadines as a significant player and contributor in our nation and sets an important example of reconciliation. I know that I can only be successful in transforming the constituency with your involvement, your voice and your openness, hence, I look forward to working with you to advance significant issues of importance and I will continue to do everything practical, ethical, and impartial to maintain and deepen your trust. I will also continue to reach out to you, to listen and to translate your issues and concerns into workable proposals and real projects that can be implemented.

As I close, I take this opportunity to reaffirm my unequivocal commitment to the holistic development of the people and community of the Northern Grenadines. I am proud of your hard work and commitment to thoughtful dialogue reflected through the years and look forward to strengthening our relationship and partnership moving forward. I am confident that we can transform the Northern Grenadines (Bequia and Mustique) to a place where success is predictable, and all ages can count on a productive future. Let us accelerate the transformation of the Northern Grenadines together. I thank you!


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