“If you don’t need to leave your house, please don’t” – Dr. Duncan

By Admin. Updated 2:58 p.m., Tuesday, January 5, 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Kingstown, St. Vincent (ONE NEWS SVG) – The Medical Officer of Health Dr. Roger Duncan has told Vincentians to distance themselves, wear masks, and sanitize to help protect themselves against contracting COVID-19.

At a press conference held Tuesday (January 5), Dr. Duncan said “If you want to reduce your risk of exposure to someone who might have COVID-19… distance yourself as much as possible”.

“If you don’t need to leave your house, please don’t leave,” the medical officer said.

If you are going to leave, please wear a mask or some facial covering. Sanitize your hands regularly and keep your distance,” -Dr. Duncan added.

He said that those are the things that are going to keep you safe and reduce your risk of contracting the virus.

His comments come as the country has recorded 16 local COVID-19 cases, most of which belong to two different clusters, while the others continue to be traced

Dr. Duncan said extensive contact-tracing is ongoing with over 200 persons contacted.

He also said that for mini-vans, they should require mask-wearing.

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