Acid rain destroys vegetation at La Soufrière volcano

By Admin

Acid rain is damaging vegetation on the slopes of the La Soufriere volcano.

On WEFM’s Issue at Hand Program on Sunday, Geologist, Professor Richard Robertson explained that gases being emitted from the effusively erupting La Soufriere volcano, when mixed with water, form a dilute acid.

“As the gas continues to be emitted, there is quite a bit of damage to vegetation on the upper part of the south west of the crater flanks and it’s beginning to extend down slope so people in Chateaubelair will begin to see that browning of the vegetation…” Dr. Robertson said.

He said the acid rain can cause things to rust more easily and vegetation to burn or die off.

Magna broke through the surface of the crater at the La Soufriere volcano on December 27, 2020.

Since then, a new dome emerged and continues to grow.

Experts are monitoring the situation

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