June 7, 2021 update on VINLEC bills: Reductions and forgiveness

Press Release

St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) will forgive the charges for electricity consumed for customers from Belle Isle to Richmond and those north of Mt. Young for the billing period March to May 2021. Initially, VINLEC had announced the suspension of bills for those customers in April.  The billing process resumed for those customers in May, however, the Company will cancel the debt for the billing period stated. Additionally, the Company is announcing an extension of the discount of 10% on all electricity bills for the months June, July and August. This discount is intended to lend support to customers in the COVID-19/post volcanic eruption environment.


Meanwhile, customers who received bills with extended billing days for the month of April have over the past two weeks been receiving bills and are seeing a reduction in number of billing days reflected on their May bills. For that group of customers, the number of billing days on the May bills is smaller than the average number because the meter reading schedule has returned to normal.


Customers who were billed between forty and forty-four (40 – 44) days will receive bills for between sixteen and nineteen (16-19) days. Additionally, customers who in April received billing days between thirty-five and forty (35 and 40) days will receive bills with billing days between twenty and twenty-seven (20 and 27) days. Furthermore, customers who received estimated bills in April will see the actual electricity consumption between March and May reflected on their May bills. For customers who were overestimated in April, there will be a credit applied to the June bill.


VINLEC wishes to assure customers that bills issued in the month of June will return to the normal pattern of between twenty-eight (28) and thirty-two (32) billing days.


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