3 Vincy poets to feature in spoken word showcase

Press Release

Three Vincentian-born spoken word poets in the diaspora will lead the way in a display of talent in a YouTtube Broadcast on Sunday June 13th .   

The show, Clash of the Tongues will be hosted by Alan Charles in London , Caren De Freitas in New York and Janelle Jolly in Seattle and will be streamed from 5pm. 

The three artists are behind Volcanic Vincy Voices which began as a Facebook group, born out of the eruption of La Soufriere Volcano. The page initially hosted the powerful poems and spoken word pieces from Vincentians whose creative energy was stirred up as the volcano’s explosions rained ash on the island and disrupted life.  Poets at home and abroad have used their talent to capture the explosive eruption of the volcano and the emotions it evoked, sharing their work on social media,

The Spoken Word showcase is a fund-raising effort supporting the mental health and wellness of children and teens in SVG.  The group is collaborating in this initiative with Counsellor Elica Matthews in St Vincent who works with this vulnerable segment of the population.

Among the Vincentian talents to be featured in Sunday’s clash is Jacintha Edwards, a well-known local actress and  CEO of Reeja’s Theatre Alliance. An advocate for teens and women, Edwards’ early Soufriere piece, “Gel In Ah De Green Frock” has been viewed close to 20,000 times on Facebook and shared by over a thousand viewers.  She will present a never-before-seen piece in Sunday’s show.

Author and poet Caren Charles-De Freitas’ piece “Right Up Under De Hill”  is  among the most widely viewed and popular  pieces shared om Social Media.  So too are her poems “Me Nar Go Back Ah Soufrey” and “Lava Man”.

Viewers will also hear from legendary Vincentian poets such as Cecil Blazer Williams and David ‘Darkie’ Williams, as organisers seek to honour the shoulders on which they stand.

The art of the Spoken Word is a powerful avenue and gift that it is rising among Vincentians, and the eruption of la Soufriere has presented an opportunity for expression, healing and unity. VVV seeks to encourage the Spoken Word among the youth of SVG.

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