New management for Prospect Bakery, free bread for Mental Health Center

By Ashecia Sam. Updated 7:35 p.m., Monday, March 7, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

The Prospect Bakery is now owned and operated by a new team. 

 Chief Executive Officer of Asberth News Network (ANN), Asberth Williams and Owner of MaddZart Enterprise Raeon “Maddzart” Primus took over the bakery two weeks ago.

 Willams said ” it started after the owner of the bakery contacted me to run an ad on ANN for the rental of the said bakery. After explaining the arrangement for the ad, I decided to contact my friend and business partner, Raeon Primus, we then decided it would be a good business to take over.” 

Primus said “it was not just a logical decision but a gut feeling to agree to the terms and the deal was made. Couple days after the Prospect Bakery was born.”

Williams said “the bakery is located in Prospect and we are hoping to serve the entire country.”

The Prospect Bakery produces bread, bread puddings, cinnamon rolls, and red belly cakes and slices. 

The Prospect Bakery also provides a delivery service for hot homemade bread and sweets on Sundays.

Primus said “special thanks to Lydia Pope for giving us the idea of hot bread delivery on a Sunday Morning. The joy on our customers’ faces pleases me with every delivery.”

Williams said they are hoping to increase the products in the coming weeks. He noted that the prices are affordable and are very competitive with other bakeries in the country.

He said they currently supply vans in Kingstown daily, there is also a van on the  windward side of the country and they have already made arrangements to send their products to Union Island, the leeward side of the country, and Canouan. 

The products of the Prospect Bakery are also available at Gitts Supermarket where the bakery is located.

Williams said ” we are a very small bakery but we have an excellent baker who loves what he does and is focused on his work. “

He noted that after two weeks in business, the Prospect Bakery has decided as of today, Monday, March 7, 2022,  to adopt the mental Health Hospital by providing them with two hundred bread daily. 

Primus added ” we think that a bakery is a community business and we are by nature community people, and based on its location (the Mental Health Hospital) that’s our charity of choice. “

Williiams said they are still discussing how to give back to the community and country. One of the plans is to work along with the school feeding program to provide meals for the less fortunate. 

Primus who adopted three shelters during the volcano relief efforts said “today as me and my new business partner Asberth deliver to new and exisiting customers from Clare Valley to Sandy Bay, it reminded me of the days we were delivering supplies during the volcano relief efforts. The only difference is, instead of you telling us thank you, it is now our turn to say thank you.”

Williams and Primus said they look forward to serving the country to the best of their abilities. 

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