WPP Mission Continues in SVG

WPP Team

By AdminUpdated 8:50 p.m., Thursday, April 7, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

The World Pediatric Project (WPP) continues to support community-based growth in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the Eastern Caribbean through specialized pediatric healthcare programs.

Following the general surgery team that was here in January, the WPP now has its second team on the island – General Orthopedics. 

The team, consisting of nine members is led by pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Miller and orthopedic fellow Dr. Sigrist and accompanied by Dr. Lockhart, the anesthesiologist as well as other important auxiliary team members including Donna Griffin, Ph.D., orthopedic physical therapist.

There has been a total number of forty five patients, thirty-seven  local patients and eight  regional patients. Of this total, there are thirteen surgical candidates for the mission. 

The WPP said it is happy to return to some sense of normalcy following the many disruptions caused by the pandemic and is optimistic that families can expect to see more of the WPP and its teams for the future.

SVG Program Director at the WPP Sigmund Williams said their third mission, Scoliosis, is following closely after this current team. The Scoliosis team is scheduled for April 23rd – 30th,  led by Dr. Kuester. 

Wiggins said: “the  WPP is committed to reaching every child who needs their help while reemphasizing the gratitude and importance of the support received from donors in enabling them to continue their long term medical plans.”

As part of the mission, WPP continues to mobilize diagnostic and surgical teams to heal children who lack access to special pediatric care through their network of partner hospitals locally, regionally and internationally. 

The WPP team extends its sincerest gratitude to sponsors and donors as their donations play a major role in the overall success of each mission and the transformation of each child’s life. The WPP remains in gratitude to the media for their continued support in highlighting the work being done to aid the children and improve their quality of life.

The work of the WPP and its impact can be followed at  http://www.worldpediatricproject.org and they can be contacted at 784-451-2989.


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