25 Families benefit from Red Root Easter Food Drive

By Admin. Updated 5:05p.m., Tuesday, April 19, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Some 25 families benefited from an Easter food drive executed by a local non-profit, Red Root Inc.

According to a release from the organization, this was the Red Root’s first food drive for 2022, “visiting persons living between the villages of Clare Valley and Stubbs Village blessing them with a grocery bag with various food and hygiene products”.

“During this food drive the organization met with numerous unemployed and underemployed women with children and used the opportunity encourage them to be apart of the organizations upcoming skills training programs for the year 2022 which they can benefit from and make a living,” the release stated.

“A maximum of twenty five grocery Bags where distributed to twenty five families during this food drive making it a success,” the release added.

The release further stated:

“While the organization wish they could have deliver more bags to more families, donations permitted them only twenty five. They are hopeful that more donations of food items would be sent to them that we can organize another food drive reaching more persons and more villages during this year 2022.

The redrootsvg would usually assist persons with grocery and clothing at their office in Kingstown as food stuff and clothing becomes available to them. Especially during their Education Through Grocery program where person are given a grocery bag monthly and in return they learn one or more skills.

For upcoming programs visit our office located in Paul’s Avenue Kingstown or you can contact us at 17844917668 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM.”

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