Luann’s drink could have been spiked

First published on ANN and republished with permission

The discovery of a family court counsellor’s body in a car in Buccament, some 11.6 miles away from her Harmony Hall home, has led to many theories about her death.

The body of Luann Roberts, 40, was discovered during the early hours of May 1, 2022, after police carried out a search party based on information that she could be in danger.

An adult male is assisting police with investigations, but a string of new information surrounding the matter could give clues on the circumstances surrounding Luann’s death or deepen the already mysterious circumstances.

One piece of information that has emerged so far is that Luann was at a party in Diamond and her drink could have been spiked.

Information reaching ANN from multiple sources all indicate that Luann was at a cook/lime at a house in Diamond with friends on Saturday night (April 30).

Luann, another female close to her and another adult female may have had their drinks spiked at the said cook before Luann was taken to Buccament.

Two of the other women whose drinks were allegedly spiked also passed out, multiple sources say.

The drink was a wine that was bought by a male, who some sources are theorizing spiked the wine before giving it to the women for consumption.

An autopsy is expected to be carried out on Luann’s body to ascertain the cause of her death.

This story is developing and we will bring more updates as it comes to hand.

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