Look out for the Facebook Messenger “Looks like you” scam

By Admin. Updated 5:15 p.m., Thursday, May 12, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Scores of Facebook Messenger users across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are reporting that they have fallen victim to the “Looks like you” phishing scam.

Messenger users say they have received messages saying “Looks like you,” or “this looks like you,” and the messages have a clickable link attached to them.

Some users have told One News St. Vincent that they clicked the links and after that, their Facebook contacts have been getting messages from them with the same link encouraging viewers of the message to click.

The phishing scam targeting Facebook messenger users is “a security breach made it possible to spy on Messenger conversations,” according to tellerreport.com

The scam is not new. As recent as 2021, several newspapers including Express UK have reported about the scam.

According Express UK, security firm Sophos, said in 2021 that this latest Facebook scam is designed to steal a target’s username and password, which can be then be used to spread the con even further. The scam begins simply enough when a Facebook user receives a DM (Direct Message) from one of their friends.

The advice to users is to avoid clicking the link sent with the message.

Have you been a victim? Feel free to let us know.

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