Vincentian youths protest violence against women

By Admin. Updated 12:40 p.m., Friday, May 20, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Students of the St. Vincent Girls’ High School protesting violence against women. Photo: Karen Palmer. Published by Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (IG)

Today, May 20, several students across St. Vincent and the Grenadines stood in solidarity with each other to protest violence against women across the country.

Today’s demonstration against violence was coordinated by the St. Vincent Girls’ High School with support from the St. Vincent Boys’ Grammar School. Students and staff wore orange.

Members of other schools and government departments across the country also wore orange to show solidarity to the movement.

The demonstrations against violence came as several women in St. Vincent have been victims of heinous crimes in recent times, including a former family court counsellor, Luann Roberts and 17-year-old Precious Williams whose body was found in a bag on the road side in Richmond Hill, Kingstown.

Though the demonstrations focused on violence against women, several men, including a school principal have been victims of violence.

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