An important development regarding Tobago Cays Marine Park

A press release from the Agency for Public Information

Park Rangers at the Tobago Cays Marine Park are increasing their vigilance after a number of fish pots were found in the protected area.

Fishing is prohibited in the Tobago Cays Marine Park and Manager of Park, Lesroy Noel, is urging fisher folks to desist from fishing in the waters and setting up fish pots.

In an interview with the Agency for Public Information, Noel said there have been instances recently where fish pots have been found in waters of the park.  He noted that consistent fishing could destroy the coral reefs especially in the Mayreau Gardens area.

Noel warned if anyone is found fishing in the waters of the protected park, they can be punished by imprisonment and could be charged up to 10 thousand EC dollars.

The Tobago cays Marine Park is a protected area by law consisting of many small islands and six larger islands including Mayreau which is the only island that is inhabited.

The park also has four major coral reefs, the largest of which is the horseshoe reef which is home to different varieties of fish and provides habitat for conch, lobsters and even the sea turtles, which is one of the major attractions for visitors to the park.

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  1. As an avid SCUBA diver I am naturally a fan of well-managed marine parks. However, it has never made sense to include an inhabited island in a marine park – not in the Tobago Cays Marine Park nor in any other marine park anywhere else in the world. The boundaries of the park should be modified so to run on the east (windward) side of Mayreau and the park should not include either Mayreau’s Salt Whistle Bay or Mayreau’s Saline Bay. Nor should either of these bays be subject to “management” by marine park staff.


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