UPDATE: Senator Francis in “stable condition” – PM Gonsalves

Press release from the Agency for Public Information – API

Senator Hon. Julian Francis is said to be in stable condition this morning. Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves in an interview with the Agency for Public Information said that Senator Francis is “stable, alert, ..the pressure hasn’t come down to the extent that they wish” and another CT scan will be conducted in another 24 hours.

Dr. Gonsalves said “the fact that he is still alert is promising and he is in our prayers” and so far, there is no indication as yet from the doctors that they will have to operate. 

Senator Francis was flown to Barbados on Sunday evening after doctors at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital were able to stabilize his condition, a CT scan was conducted which revealed there was bleeding in the centre of his brain and it was slightly swollen with an elevated blood pressure. 

The Prime Minister said on the advice of the local neurosurgeon, who, in his assessment determined there might be a possibility that surgical intervention may become necessary; arrangements were made and Senator Francis was flown to Barbados for further medical attention.

Dr Gonsalves said this is not unusual in cases like these; “this is not the first time, sometimes we fly in neurosurgeons, sometimes we fly out patients”. 

The Prime Minister said in the interim, he will assume the ministerial responsibilities of Senator Francis.

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