Entertainment. Updated 8:40 p.m., Wednesday, August 17, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Entertainment News: Just after dancehall star Jada Kingdom took the spotlight on Vincy social media after her “mosquito plane” comment, the name ‘Garnet’ stole the spotlight.

Videos have surfaced from one – Janeala Butler where she is seemingly calling out a man named Garnet who she claims to be her estranged husband.

Butler, a resident of the North Central Windward community of South Rivers has gone viral with her series of videos calling out Garnet who she claims left her after migrating to England to join the British Armed Forces.

In the videos, Butler sings, dances and curses and in the view of some, comes across as someone deeply hurt by her relationship misadventure.

Some people on social media have found the videos to be entertaining, while others have found them to be vulgar.

Butler’s videos are still, however, trending, and persons are wondering if Garnet is a fictional character or if he is real, and if he is, why he left his wife.

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