Luke’s Kids Club Summer Program is back

By Admin. Updated 8:48 a.m., Thursday, August 18, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

One of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ largest summer programs for children will be held this year after a one-year break.

Politician, Lawyer and Social Activist – Mr. Luke Brown made the announcement on August 17 on Facebook.

One News SVG contacted Mr. Brown, the program’s founder and pioneer, who confirmed that Luke’s Kids Club will be held this year. He said “we had a scaled down version of it in 2020, and that was because of the circumstances of the pandemic”.

Brown said the program which started in 2011 has cumulatively catered to some 3,000 participants.

Every year, the program attracts about 300-350 children each year, Mr. Brown said.

Mr. Brown said the program was inspired by a need to have constructive programs for children during their school summer break, especially when parents are not able to supervise them. He said based on research, some 85 percent of parents need summer programs for their children.

This year’s program will run from August 22 to 31, and is open to children 4-16 years old. The program’s motto is: “where children find themselves”. The Luke’s Kids Club summer program has is a junior segment and a senior segment which basically runs simultaneously.

Mr. Brown said this year’s activities will include the same components as previous years, but there will be some emphasis on the theme of natural disasters.

He said this year’s field trips, educational tours and lessons will explore the theme of natural disasters, and will include tours to the red zone to examine the volcano observatory, relocated homes, and science-based lessons on volcanos and eruptions – the history of volcanic eruptions.

The activities which are also aimed at building environmental awareness among the participants will see trips to the Prospect Mangroves and a trip to the Grenadines – Bequia for juniors participants and a trip to Mayreau and Union Island for senior participants.

As part of this year’s program, school aid packages will be distributed to disadvantaged children in the program, Mr. Brown said.

“As simple as it might be, it is making an impact on the lives of the parents and children,” Mr. Brown said of the program.

Mr. Brown thanked corporate entities across St. Vincent and the Grenadines who have “really backed the vision,” and provided support for the program including FLOW and Metrocint Insurance.

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