Register your teens for these classes

Click here to register.

A tutoring service and classes in chemistry, biology, and human and social biology that produces excellent CXC results each year exists, and you can sign your child up for it now.

Is your child in form 3, 4, or 5? Do you want him/her to excel in the aforementioned science courses? Would you like your child to have CXC School-Based Assessment – SBA support that truly works from a brilliant and experienced educator in the sciences?

If yes to the above, CLICK HERE to register NOW with Miss. Fergus

Who is Ms. Fergus?

Miss Deleon Fergus is highly trained and qualified up to the postgraduate level with 10 years teaching experience and a 100 percent CXC pass rate.

She can be contacted at 1 784 497-6498.

This is paid content, and all the above information have been verified, editorially, and are true.

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