Crime fighting website launched for South Leeward community

Press release

Tuesday September 19th 2022 a website aimed at reducing crime in the South Leeward community of Vermont was launched by 2022 Miss SVG Pageant contestant #3 – Shannan John and her team.

The website  – – was revealed during a ceremony led by Jamiliah Crick, chaperone to Miss SVG contestant – Shannan John at the Vermont Community Center. 

The website will allow residents to easily report crime, get to know their neighbours, strengthen neighbourhood relationships, learn how to spot suspicious activity, keep healthy and strong cooperative efforts and ensure a safe environment.

This website launch marks day 3 of a community based project headed by John, who is also Ms CEDCO.

This initiative reiterated John’s motto ‘Promoting safety and reducing crime, One step at a time, Doing it right ! VERMONT UNITE !’

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