Melisizwe brothers wrap up nearly 2 months of activities giving back to SVG

Press release

Kingstown, St. Vincent – From August 6th to September 21st, the Melisizwe brothers in collaboration with the Gold Mind Caribbean Foundation, successfully hosted a series of events throughout the country of St. Vincent and The Grenadines, concluding with the establishment of the first-ever, Gold Mind Club at the Barrouallie Anglican School on September 20th, 2022.

The brothers have produced and recorded a hit single and music video titled “Voices” sung by 18-year-old Leah Barnabe. The song was written by 19 participants from the recently concluded Gold Mind Intensive Music Camp held at the B.A.C.E. Centre in Belmont, St. Vincent from August 15th – 19th. 

The brothers, although having a very hectic schedule made time to visit family, schools, and community-based organizations. 

On August 21st, the Melisizwe Brothers hosted a concert at the Coconut Grove Beach Club for a few hundred happy fans. The atmosphere of the evening was joyful and the pride for local and international talent could be felt in the air. Despite the looming rain, the weather remained favourable and the concert went on without difficulty. The Melisizwe Brothers performed backed by a local band and two backup vocalists, all young musicians from St Vincent and the Grenadines. 

All the musicians played with impressive ease and created a sound that complemented the boundless energy that lead singer Zacary James, brought to the stage. The concert conveyed that, with dedication and hard work, everyone can achieve something great, and their music echoed the mission of the Gold Mind Foundation, which is to deliver youth empowerment by focusing on the creative arts and emphasising that hard work pays off. 

A group of young Vincentians were able to reap the rewards of their hard work at the concert. Over the course of the week of August 15th 19 youths from diverse backgrounds participated in the Gold Mind Music Camp where they were mentored in sound engineering, writing and other skills related to the music industry, they were visited by leading local musicians and also community leaders within the business community.

All 19 participants worked together to write the song titled “Voices” which is soon to be released this year. 

One of the main focuses of the camp was stressing the importance of group thinking and working together as a team to achieve a common goal. 

On August 5th, the Gold Mind Foundation started the month of activities with their signature Gold Mind 5k run/walk from the Mesopotamia police station to the BACE Centre in Belmont.

From August 8th – 9th, the Gold Mind Foundation and the Melisizwe brothers held a youth symposium in Bequia, in collaboration with the Hub Collective; a youth-based organization, concluding with an afternoon concert at Plantation House.

From August 12th – 15th, the Melisizwe Brothers travelled to Union Island, starting with the Gold Mind 5k run/walk, a marine tour of the Tobago Cays with outstanding youths, and a concert at the Union Island Secondary School.

The Melisizwe Brothers on behalf of the Gold Mind Foundation would like to thank sponsors, community leaders, supporters and volunteers for contributing their time and effort to the Gold Mind Foundation. We look forward to your support in the Gold Mind Music Intensive Camp 2023!

The Melisizwe brothers and the Gold Mind Foundation are excited for the Gold Mind Caribbean: Music Intensive Camp 2023, and have already set their sights on everything they can achieve in 2023 and more.

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