Jada brings her community together with multiple fun activities

Press release

One week ago, Jada Ross was fully engrossed in performing 1000 Acts of Kindness throughout the East St. George constituency. In executing her community service project, the Prospect resident, who will also be contending for the Miss SVG crown on October 29th, set out with the purpose of redefining her central theme of ‘Community Beautification’.

In doing so, Ross intended to beautify hearts and minds, in the hope that these acts will create a domino-effect in her community. She believes that targeting the human soul while still improving the appearance of her community, was the most effective way to execute her project.

Love for Health and Wellness

On Wednesday, September 14th, Jada targeted the holistic well-being of elderly residents across East St. George. Through collaborations with GECCU, the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment, National Lotteries Authority, De Salad Shop, Nurse Smart, Canon Ashton Francis for the use of the Church Hall, JoChé Moments and Rohan Seales, this very vital aspect of her project was realised. The evening of activities took the form of a Health and Wellness Bingo Night, where the elderly had the option of a FREE Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar check, accompanied by healthy snacks and nutrition shakes. For the entire evening, residents were treated to a relaxing evening of fun interaction while ensuring that their health was in good standing.

According to Ross, “My hope was for at least 50 persons to make it to bingo night…. We ended up having to pull out more chairs to seat additional persons, as the people of East St George and beyond exceeded my expectations! I cannot begin to effectively express my feelings of fulfilment. I feel myself growing and evolving through this exercise. My extensive gratitude must be extended to Canon Ashton Francis for permitting use of the Anglican Church Hall,  Joché Moments for the remarkable set up, Chevonne Stewart of De Salad shop for being an exceptional host and donating prizes, The Ministry of Health SVG for sending a team to blend and distribute health shakes on site, and Nurse Smart for leading the check-ups.”

Love for Sports and Culture

On the penultimate day of her project, Miss Lotto along with the Mavrix Sports Team joined forces at the Calliaqua Hard Court. The evening, which sought to highlight the vibrant presence of Sports and Culture in the community, saw exhibition matches being played by the Mavrix Sports Club. Entitled ‘Order on this Court’, the contestant engaged in games with patrons who filled the court. Local artiste Shaunelle Mckenzie made an appearance and there was live DJ music mastered by a Mavrix baller, Jamal Ross. The event was also generously sponsored by Area Representative Minister Camillo Gonsalves, who covered the meals of 210 persons present at the event.

In admitting that she did not expect a such an impressive turnout, Jada stated, “It still feels so surreal that about 200 people came by in support. Whether it be basketball, love for our local artistes or to listen to some music and relax, they all became passengers on flight 1000 Acts of Kindness. My function served as a means of parents to relax and for their children in and out of the community could mingle with other children and enjoy a night under the stars.” 

At the end of the night, Ross achieved and surpassed her goal of extending 1000 Acts of Kindness.

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