Miss SVG 2022 contestant donates new nature trail sign

Press release

Residents of Vermont, Tourists, and rvery Vincentian in the Diaspora are now greeted by a brand new Vermont Nature Trail sign.

The sign depicts Vermont Nature Trail and also showcases the amazing Amazona Guildingii and was donated by CEDCO along with assistance from National Parks Rivers and Beaches Authority on behalf of Miss SVG Contestant Shannan John, Miss CEDCO.

Miss CEDCO revealed the brand new sign last Friday September 23, at the beginning of the Vermont valley in Rillan. 

“The love of a community has to start from within,” John told media personnel present. 

She added, “It starts with cherishing what makes it stand out and for us it’s our trail”. 

The unveiling of the new sign occurred after a community clean up headed by the Miss SVG contestant as part of her community based project. Where she completed alongside players of her new team Vermont FC, members of the community and her sponsor.


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