Unlearning Slavery: The exalted altar of political correctness

The views expressed herein are solely those of the writer.

By Professor Richard A. Byron-Cox (PhD)

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic a cycling enthusiast shared his exercise regime on social media. Being a fitness freak I enquired whether cycling could help me avoid getting fat during the lockdown. Before the cyclist could respond, in jumps this unknown, accusing me of a litany of crimes. Shocked by this diatribe, I called a friend who explained that I was “fat shaming” people, and that’s politically incorrect. I was stumped! What is fat shaming?! The friend sent a photo of an obese figure, the self-appointed Tomás de Torquemada, holding me to inquisition for saying “fat”, which I had mentioned only in relation to myself; I insulted no one, least of all, an existence I was wholly ignorant of. But truth is irrelevant in this, the age of political correctness.

Yesteryear, someone light-hearted and carefree was “gay,” while two people of same gender having sexual relations were/are homosexuals. Political correctness says, “not anymore.” Being gay, i.e., light-hearted and carefree is the exclusive prerogative of homosexuals. Objective reality and reason matter not. A spade is not a spade, so homosexual unions are “same-sex marriages,” in the lingo of political correctness. And it is all well and good for homosexuals to have their flags at their bars, and to have their Olympics etc. But say one word they perceive as anti-homosexual and burning at the stake is too humane for you! Political correctness dictates we MUST all embrace homosexuals, while recognizing their right to be insanely destructive to anyone for any flippant reason!!

A man violent towards a woman is finished! The cause of his behaviour is irrelevant as such considerations are absurd. Political correctness enforces summarily condemnation. Conversely, when a woman is the abuser, the victim is mocked as a “stupid man.” Or there is universal certainty – with no evidence-, that “It’s something bad he did her.” Bottomline: active acceptance that women are saints!! This is rule numero uno of today’s decalogue. Comedian Majah Hype’s life and living were put in peril purely on a woman’s allegations. He was suddenly worse than Jack the Ripper. I agreed he should be nailed to the cross, but demanded evidence of guilt first, any tiny piece. In response I was called homo, misogynist…., in short, the devil. One woman was indignant, “Why should black women give proof?! Her word is enough!” But none of their hate missiles bore a scintilla of evidence against the condemned, proving, political correctness needs no facts, it despises truth and justice. The triumph of falsehood is pure righteousness.

This inverted correctness is at the heart of the international political order. Putin is satanized over Ukraine, but there is dumbness, deftness, blindness, total unfeelingness for Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan….. NATO is right to threaten the gates of Russia, but Khrushchev had to remove the missiles from Cuba. Chavez won all elections but was labelled undemocratic. And it is a cardinal sin to say a good word about Fidel Castro. 

In SVG, the parliamentary opposition is steadfastly politically correct. They opposed the construction of the international airport, the renewable energy programme, the education revolution, building low-income homes, the country sitting on the UN Security Council….; the list is multiple-marathon in length. One would think this is absurd for a party seeking to govern, should be interested in people’s betterment. Alas; patriotism, common sense, human decency, and love for fellow citizens are dismissed in preference for a political correctness that exposes them as effigies of epitomised irrationality.

Many want me guillotined for rubbishing “stop violence against women.” My stance is, stop violence period! The feminist cynicism of this movement, and its wicked subliminal message that there is no trespass in being violent against males, are palpable. It implicitly encourages female violence against men as the Johnny Depp – Amber Heard and other cases have shown. Their gleeful welcome of Will Smith’s ghetto gangsterism and thuggery testifies of their glorification of violence, once it’s done by, or in the interest of women!! Violence is not wrong! Only violence against women!! Any year since independence would show who the victims of murderous crimes in SVG are, more than 90% of the times. For the entire last generation, about 70 % of UWI graduates have been females. Our young men are in serious need of a compass, but politically correctness endorses them being neglected! And our Prime Minister is in on the act too, e.g., boasting that 80% of his foreign service are women. No one questions him about posting men; that would be an atrocity!

I have long realized that when justice is denied peace will vanish; in the absence of truth justice will runout of gas; and there can’t be humanity without love. The altar of political correctness demands the sacrifice of truth, justice, peace, humanity and ultimately love as burn offerings. Such worship is gangrenous to social cohesion in, and betterment of any society! Consequently, I shall not serve at this altar, but shall preach it’s destruction and replacement with the enthronement of truth!

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