Miss SVG 2019: Sharikah Rodney reigned for 3 years, now pursuing forensic accounting

By Renitta Peters-Morris. Updated 8:59 p.m., Friday, October 28, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).


Mrs. Renitta Peters-Morris is the Pageant Coordinator for the Miss Windward pageant. She is also an academic pursuing an EdD.

Featured Queen – Miss SVG 2019 –Sharikah Rodney

Sharikah Rodney comfortably won the Miss SVG pageant in 2019 by capturing three of the judged categories. Little did she know that her reign would last three years and one that would be eventful. Tomorrow, October 29, 2022, Sharikah will crown a new Miss Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Today, Sharikah is utilizing the scholarship she won through the Miss SVG pageant by pursuing studies in Accounting in her quest to become a Forensic Accountant.

The Pageant Corner caught up with Sharikah to find out how her unique reign went and her future plans. Please see below interview:

What was it like preparing for the pageant?

Preparation for the pageant was very demanding. It entailed going to the gym 3-4 days per week, attending interview sessions with both my personal coach and the coach from the Beauty Shows Committee, attending voice training sessions for my talent and walking sessions for public appearances, as well as for the swimwear and evening wear categories. The gym was the most challenging aspect of my training, as I was not enrolled at a gym prior to entering the show and I was very unfit. It was usually rigorous and tiring, especially after my 8 – 4 job. Due to the demands of schedule during preparation, I had to leave my home in Mt. Grenan to live with my chaperone, who lived closer to Kingstown.

What activities did you participate in pre-show?

My first public appearance as a contestant in the pageant was on 14th March 2019 in my community of Greiggs. It was an honour to be at home, representing a community I hold dearly to my heart.

For the visit to my sponsor, ‘The Mustique Company Limited,’ I was given the opportunity to tour the beautiful island of Mustique. I spent time with the locals, the staff and the kids at the local primary school. As the time drew nearer to show night, the girls and I visited the Guadeloupe Home for girls in Cane End, the School for Children with Special Needs, the Helping Hands Centre and the Cabinet of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

Who was your chaperone?

My chaperone was Miss Aviar Charles, the current Chairperson of the Beauty Shows Committee. I learnt of her services through her agency, ‘Regality Pageant Agency.’

How important is the contestant/chaperone relationship?

The contestant/chaperone relationship is vital. Having a healthy relationship helps to ease the tension during practice sessions, and allows for open, constructive criticism. I cannot stress how important this is. At times, it can feel as though your chaperone is being tough on you, but having a strong relationship helps you to understand that all they want is for you to win.

What was the experience like on the night of the pageant?

The night of the pageant was my most memorable experience. Contrary to what backstage typically feels like, it was a very calm night for me. My chaperone did a tremendous job handling the backend responsibilities which helped to keep my nerve level low. This allowed me to remain calm and confident, and to focus all my attention on the various categories as the night progressed.

How many categories of the pageant did you win?

I won three (3) categories: Best Swimwear; Best Evening wear; and Best Interview. 

How was your reign as Miss SVG 2019?

Being crowned Miss SVG 2019 has truly been one of my greatest accomplishments. Since becoming queen, I have served as an ambassador for our beautiful country, a duty that I have assumed with honor and pride. Indeed, the journey has been a wonderful experience, and my only hope is that I would have served as a role model and inspiration to others to always put country above self.

What is your most memorable moment from your reign?

My most memorable moment during my reign was traveling to the Dominican Republic to bring home the national parrots of SVG. To be a part of such an important and national event was a privilege that I will truly cherish for a lifetime. 

What would you say to the ladies who are vying for Miss SVG 2022 to be held end of October 2022?

The journey is coming to an end, but it is the start of an even bigger one. There will only be one winner, but you are all queens. Treat show night as another practice session and allow it to be fun. Remember, you are not only representing yourselves and your sponsors but you are representing your supporters and your communities. Give it your best shot!

Please share some best practices for future contestants.

Rule no. 1: Always remember your goal – to win. Be sure to remind yourself of this every day. 

Rule no. 2: The journey is not easy, but it is worth it. When you feel the urge to give up, remember rule no. 1.

Thirdly, start your workout programme now. Exercising for the show is critical. It helps to build your physique as well as your mental health and fortitude. 

Start building your team. These are the people that will be there for you every step of the way and offer you the best guidance.

Lastly, get involved in your community. Your community is an essential component of your support system. 

Share your final thoughts

There were moments when I felt physically, mentally and emotionally drained. And sometimes I felt like giving up, but I constantly reminded myself that nothing valuable comes easy. My drive and determination to become a role model and an inspiration to others gave me the urge to keep pushing.

It has been a pleasure to serve as Miss SVG for the last three (3) years and I wish nothing but the very best for the next queen in her endeavours.

The Royal Return-Miss SVG 2022 is tomorrow Saturday October 29, 2022, all the best to the eight (8) contestants vying for the coveted title. You are all queens but only one person will be crowned.

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