Miss SVG 1993: Wendy Bynoe’s move from beauty queen to education giant


By Renitta Peters-Morris. Updated 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, October 26, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

A photo collage of Miss Wendy Bynoe – Miss SVG 1993 after being crowed (left) and a recent photo of her (right).

Mrs. Renitta Peters-Morris is the Pageant Coordinator of the Miss Windward pageant. She is also a writer and an academic currently completing her EdD.

Featured Queen – Miss SVG 1993 – Wendy Bynoe

Most Vincentians know Wendy Bynoe as an educator and a giant in the fight for teachers of this country. Wendy has been involved in the teaching fraternity for over 28 years and is a household name in that arena. Today, Wendy is strategically placed at the helm of the Department of Higher Education where she can continue her quest to impact the lives of Vincentiansthrough the creation of policies and programmes that will enhance our education system.

However, there’s also a side of Wendy that many do not know. Wendy was crowned Miss SVG in 1993. Wendy’s ascent to the national title was not an easy journey and she detailed that she copped two crowns (Miss Easterval and Miss Rural SVG) on the way to being a national gem.
Wendy was unable to crown a successor since there was no Miss SVG pageant in 1994, 1995 and 1996!

Wendy described her experience as Miss SVG 1993 in the below interview:

What was it like preparing for the pageant?

Prior to entering the Miss SVG 1993 pageant, I won two previous pageants – Miss Rural SVG in 1991 and Miss Easterval in 1992. Though it meant that I had already learnt a thing or two about competing successfully in a pageant and had some winning insights, I could not take anything for granted.  I was confident that I would slay my competition as I had the two previous experiences. From the onset, I experienced the rigorsassociated with pageant preparation. I worked for weeks with my chaperone and my team of coaches to polish my skills and prepare for the various performances such as “question and answer” and “talent.” Such activity subsequently helped feed and reinforce my hunger for competing and performing.

What activities did you participate in pre-show?

Apart from practice sessions and interviews, we spent a day with our sponsors and interacted with the public.

Who was your chaperone?

My chaperone was Miss Desiere Taylor. She was my everything!

How important is the contestant/chaperone relationship?

It is imperative that a contestant has a chaperone she is comfortable with since they spend a great deal of time together. The chaperone is the person who works the hardest with the contestant. She offers advice and tips and is a strong support system when the going gets tough.

What was the experience like on the night of the pageant?

It was an exhilarating experience. I had a crown to win and that is what I kept in mind each time I appeared on stage. I was confident from the start. From my introductory appearance, I knew I had the crowd’s support. There is no time to waste on the night of the pageant, you have to be quick. As soon as you get off stage, you need to be preparing to reappear for another segment so everything is like clockwork. 

How many categories of the pageant did you win?

Oh boy! I wonder if I could remember that. I won the best talent and the best interview. Those are what I remember.

How was your reign as Miss SVG 1993?

My reign as Miss SVG was uneventful. I am yet to do my final walk (smiling) as there were no shows in 1994, 1995, and 1996. 

What is your most memorable moment from your reign?

Winning the coveted Miss SVG title of course! Obviously, the first perk of being a titleholder is the incredible feeling of winning the crown after all of your hard work, and the resulting sense of confidence and accomplishment that you have. Winning Miss SVG then and now are totally different. Apart from winning the crown, there was basically nothing else happening. 

What would you say to the ladies who are vying for Miss SVG 2022 to be held at the end of October 2022?

Competing in a beauty pageant can be a life-changing experience. Having and maintaining a positive mindset is perhaps one of the best pageant tips to embrace!  Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.  Don’t think negatively about what might happen, you will only be sabotaging your efforts from the start. If you do not believe in you, who would? Furthermore, no matter the outcome, there is always an opportunity to learn from the experience, gain knowledge and/or make a new friend or two.

Quick tip: Buy yourself some time by acknowledging the interviewer and thanking them for the question while you consider your answer. Maintain your posture, poise and confidence throughout the show. Oh and SMILLLLLEEEEE!!!!! Floodlights are good for your teeth (smile).

Please share some best practices for future contestants.

Learn all you can about pageants. Be informed! Be organized! Part of pageantry is embracing the best version of yourself, so try not to focus on your weaknesses. Rather, put your strengths on display. Select clothing that makes you feel beautiful.Consistency is key.

Share your final thoughts.

Just want to say to the young ladies: Stage presentation is an aspect of competition that can really set you apart from the other girls. It’s the way a girl commands all eyes on her with the confidence she exudes and the sparkle in her eyes. Practice your onstage performance with the “night of the show wardrobe” as if it were the night of the show. This will allow your chaperone and those around you to spot anything that may arise on the night of the show and make adjustments if needed. 

Stay tuned for more interviews as we continue the series on the road to the Royal Return – Miss SVG 2022.

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