UPDATED: Miss SVG to be “packaged, aired” this weekend

By Admin. Updated 2:27 p.m., and 5:41 p.m., Monday, October 31, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Tourism and Culture minister, Carlos James said the recently held Miss SVG show will be broadcast this weekend.

“This weekend, we will have the broadcast of Miss SVG,” Mr. James said at a press conference on Monday (October 31).

He said there will be a “tighter production in terms of the packaging of the show and the content,” adding that, “everything will be streamed LIVE this weekend by the CDC and in collaboration with VC3.”

Many Vincentians, especially those in the diaspora, have expressed their disappointment on social media about the decision by the Carnival Development Corporation-CDC to not have live streaming of the Miss SVG show which was held on Saturday night at the Arnos Vale Playing Field. 

Minister of Tourism and Culture Carlos James said he is aware of the discussions surrounding the no live streaming of the show.  But he said they had to look at the numbers, the production and the cost that went into the show. 

He pointed out that: “Ticket sales actually moved within the last hour or two of the event…we had a sold out VIP but the regular tickets literally started moving a few hours before the show”. 

James said that was an indication that people had an appetite for viewing at home but when they realized that they needed to be out there supporting the ladies, they decided that they were coming out to purchase tickets.  

“I am quite concerned about our diaspora community and I have received calls from persons in the diaspora regarding the viewing of the pageant”, the Minister of Tourism said. 

He noted that the Ms. SVG show will be packaged and aired this weekend by the CDC in collaboration with VC3. 

Miss SVG 2022 dubbed “the Royal Return”  was won by Miss Lotto Jada Ross. 

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