Culture Minister Congratulates Ms.SVG

By Admin. Updated 2:10 p.m., Monday, October 31, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Minister of Tourism and Culture Carlos James  has publicly congratulated Miss SVG 2022 Jada Ross. 

The Culture Minister extended congratulations to the queen at a press conference held at the Carnival Development Corporation- CDC conference room this morning. 

“Permit me first to congratulate our newly crowned Miss SVG Jada Ross who is present here with us this morning and all the contestants who represented their communities with such class and grace…two evening’s ago at the Royal Return.”

The culture minister also congratulated the Head of the Beauty Shows Committee Aviar Charles and her team for putting together what he described as a magnificent production and for working with the contestants for the past few months.

“I really want to commend the Beauty Shows Committee and the CDC for organizing the return of Miss SVG to all of the viewers and persons who were able to get a keen look at the pageant.” 

In a very competitive show at the Arnos Vale Stadium, Ross outdid her fellow contestants with confident and sharp responses in the interview segment, and captured the hearts of the audience and the judges in the talent segment.

The second place position in the pageant (1st Runner Up) was captured by another crowd favourite – Shadyn McClean – Ms. Davyn, who also captured Miss Photogenic, Best Swimwear and the Best Evening Gown categories, respectively.

The third place spot was taken by Ms. Shanyah Peters – Miss Flow (Second runner up) who captured Best Cultural Wear title.

After a two-year hiatus, the show returned this year in the independence period as opposed to the usual hosting during the May-July Vincy Mas period.

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