Kindergarten teacher at Fair Hall Gov’t to release children books

By Admin. Updated 7:36 p.m., Monday, November 14, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Language and mathematics teacher at the Fair Hall Government School, Ms. Finicia Providence has released two out of three books.

The two released books are Mary Daisy The Joy of Seeds, and Glowy The One Fin Fish.

The 32-year-old kindergarten teacher told One News SVG today that the books, “are for children of all ages basically encouraging children that they can achieve anything once they believe.”

She said she wants children to know that, “out of every bad situation can come something good with hard work and dedication.”

Ms. Providence said she will have an official launch for all three books in February 2023, but readers can access two of them currently on Amazon.

Ms. Providence, a Rotarian, has six (6) years teaching experience.

She is also the head of the school’s literacy committee.

She said:

“Im not only a passionate teacher, excellent baker & talented singer but also a gifted author.”

She said both adults and children can benefit from her books.

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