UWI awards Vincentian Writers and Poets

Press release

A number of Vincentian Writers and Poets were awarded prizes when The University of the West Indies Open Campus held their 4th annual Ellsworth ‘Shake’ Keane and H. Nigel Thomas fiction and poetry prize giving ceremony. 

Co-founder and sponsor of the competition Prof. H. Nigel Thomas congratulated the writers whose pieces were selected and encouraged the other participants to continue to enhance and upgrade their craft. Thomas added that though St. Vincent and the Grenadines has a thriving oral tradition, there needs to be a sound literary presence. 

He expressed his gratitude for the number of submissions for the poetry category and commended the writers for their excellent work.

The winners of the fiction and poetry category were awarded monetary prizes for their pieces, they are:

Poetry award:

1st Marlon Joseph – “The Oppress Masters of Compromise”

2nd Afrecca Daniel – “On some early mornings Ma will walk the coconut cow the milking stall”

3rd Zenna Lewis – “Blood Sister”


Fiction Category

1st  Athalie Caine Soleyn- “Red Zone”   

2nd Marlon Joseph – “Charcoal from Hell”

3rd Shanique Browne- “The secret is in the sauce”

Special Mention: Marlon Joseph – A Casket with Golden Sprangles

The award ceremony was held at the University of the West Indies Open Campus conference room, on Wednesday November 23, 2022.


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