A message to the youths: Don’t eat your cake before you have it

By Demion McTair. Updated 1:17 p.m., Thursday, November 24, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Blog contribution.

Whether or not you are religious, stories are powerful, and there is something we can learn from the story of Jesus being tempted by Satan in the wilderness.

Satan tried to offer Jesus a world that Satan didn’t own and which Jesus’ father owns.

If you are not careful, the devil can come in many forms and offer you a world that he doesn’t own in exchange for your happiness, your dignity, and your soul.
If he succeeds, he will have successfully cheated you.

You will have given him all that he wants and later realizing that he had no rights whatsoever to it, and that which he offered was never his to give.

If you are young and struggling, the secret to success is definitely hard work mixed with time, prayer, and persistence.

After all, life rewards persistence. No matter your struggles, no matter how hard things are or what seems not to be working out, it wont always be so. Life is about time and seasons.

Detractors and defilers will offer you quick success, but that usually comes with a price.

We love to have our cake and eat it before it has even been made.

We are also inclined to have things quickly, especially material things. Sometimes, in taking them, we unknowingly forfeit the blessings that have been bequeathed to us: blessings that can only be accessed at specific time intervals on our earthly journey.

Slowly but slowly without being compromised is how you truly win. Trust me I know. I have lived it.
And sometimes, you get lucky. After all, life rewards persistence. Just keep going, keep dreaming, keep doing, and keep inspiring.

Don’t take the devil’s offers because he won’t help you pay the price for them. He had no rights to offer them in the first place.

Beware of what you take and who you take from. Not every offer is genuine.

Sometimes, what you don’t have, do without it. Learn the lessons of hardships and struggles because in learning those lessons is where the keys to achieving and maintaining success can be found.

Your situation will change. Your season will change. As long as there is life, there is hope. Just keep an open mind, keep working hard, and keep going!

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