New Cumberland Jetty

By Admin. Updated 8:53 a.m., Thursday, December 8, 2022, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

A new jetty will be installed at Cumberland Bay, tourism minister Carlos James has announced.

In a Facebook post today, Mr. James who is also the parliamentary representative for North leeward explained why the Cumberland jetty is currently in a deplorable state.

“Following a series of natural disasters, the Cumberland jetty was compromised. I opted for the full rehabilitation of the jetty instead of short-term patched work,” Mr. James said.

“I patiently waited for the full funding to commence this project, as the finished product would be of a better quality and more durable (no more yellow pine!). This week, our work crew ripped out the old jetty and in a few weeks, a brand new jetty will be installed at Cumberland Bay,” he added.

Mr. James said: “In good time, there will be a few more announcements regarding Cumberland Bay.”

Cumberland Bay is one of the most important areas for tourism on mainland St. Vincent as it is a natural safe habour for yachts.

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