Central Leeward Inter-School Champions told the winning trophy would be sent to them

By Admin. Updated 8:12 p.m., Friday, March 31, 2023, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

The winner of the girls’ category of the 2023 Inter-Secondary School Athletics Championship – Central Leeward (Barrouallie) Secondary School was told that the winning trophy would be sent to them.

The Central Leeward Boys who placed second received the second-place trophy.

According to a source close to the matter, the female athletes were given a trophy to take a photograph, but the trophy was taken away from them and given to the St. Vincent Grammar School who won the Boys’ category of the championship.

The moment Central Leeward (Barrouallie) Secondary – the 2023 Inter-Secondary School Athletics Female Champions had to hand the winning trophy to another school.

The Central Leeward girls were distraught at the news after they worked hard to successfully defend their winning title.

Some of the students were crying.

“They think we are dogs,” some of the students are reported to have said after the ordeal.

The move also came after the students had to deal with news of the passing of one close relative of two of the athletes which left the camp in a somber mood.

Central Leeward (Barrouallie) Secondary has been known to face less than desirable treatment at Inter School Sports, one source said.

This year, the school was bombarded with requests to submit the birth certificates of athletes, the source told One News SVG.

While it is sometimes standard procedure to check the eligibility of student-athletes, One News SVG contacted other schools who indicated that they were not summoned to submit the birth certificates of athletes.

One source said the students’ morale has been affected repeatedly.

“From commentators refusing to announce some winnings by Central Leeward Secondary while announcing such winnings achieved by other popular schools, to Central Leeward students being told they are only good at sports and not academics, the school has had its fair share of bullying at the sports,” the source told One News SVG.

The finals of the 2023 Inter-Secondary School Athletics Championship was held at the Sir Vincent Beache Track/Stadium at Diamond on March 30.

The St. Vincent Grammar School finished the finals today at the Sir. Vincent Beache Track/Stadium with 314 points. The Central Leeward (Barrouallie) Secondary finished second for the boys’ category with 310 points, and the St. Martins Secondary finished third with 276 points.

In the girls’ category, Central Leeward (Barrouallie) Secondary School finished first with 398 points. The Girls’ High School placed second with 228 points, and the Georgetown Secondary placed third in the girls’ category with 212 points.

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