Bethel High and Georgetown Secondary win 2023 Schools’ Volleyball Championship

By Admin. Updated 7:52 a.m., Sunday, April 2, 2023, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

From left: Bethel High School’s female team (left) and Georgetown Secondary School’s male team (right).

The Bethel High School and the Georgetown Secondary School both emerged winners of the 2023 Inter-Secondary School Volleyball competition.

According to the Division of Physical Education and Sports (Sports Department), Bethel High School, also known as Campden Park Secondary School, won the female championship while the Georgetown Secondary School won the male championship.

In the female category, second place went to the Georgetown Secondary School while third place went to the Girls’ High School, the Sports Department announced on Saturday.

In the male category, the second position was taken by the George Stephens Senior Secondary School while third position was taken by the Dr. J.P Eustace Memorial Secondary School.

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