1702 students registered to sit CPEA examination May 4-5

Press release

CPEA 2023

Grade six students from across St. Vincent and the Grenadines will take the final component of the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 May, 2023. One thousand seven hundred and two (1702) students comprising of eight hundred and forty-six (846) males and eight hundred and fifty-six (856) females will sit the exam at eighteen (18) centres nationwide.

The final component of the CPEA comprises multiple choice papers in four (4) subject areas: Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts and Science. On day one, students will sit the Mathematics and Social Studies and on day two, the Language Arts and Science will be administered respectively. Each paper consists of fifty (50) items and the students will have one hour and fifteen minutes per paper.

The final exam accounts for 60% of the students’ overall score and the School-Based Assessments which form the internal component accounts for 40% of the students’ final score.

The results are expected to be released by CXC in June, allowing sufficient time for the Ministry of Education to conduct its secondary placement exercise for the new academic year (2023/2024).

The Minister and staff of the Ministry of Education and National Reconciliation wish all students success on their examination and express profound gratitude to all principals, teachers, auxiliary staff and other stakeholders for their dedication to the students. 


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