Official police statement on 33-year-old’s death

By Admin. Updated 5:48 p.m., Thursday, May 25, 2023, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Police say they have launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the murder of Brian Samuel, 33 years old Tradesman of Redemption Sharpes.

On Thursday, May 25, 2023, Samuel was reportedly approached and shot about his body in Redemption Sharpes by an unknown assailant, police say.

Police say a postmortem examination is expected to be carried out on Samuel’s body to ascertain the exact cause of death. Investigations into the matter are ongoing.

Police say they are appealing to members of the public with information that can aid with this investigation to contact the Officer in charge of the Criminal Investigations Department/Major Crimes Unit at 1-784-456-1810 or 1-784-457-1211 ext. 4837 or 4839 or 999/911.

All calls will be treated confidentially.

Featured image: The Mix

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