Some Grenadians Welcome PM Gonsalves “Invite”, Others Are Angry

By Demion McTair Updated 10:45 a.m., Saturday, 11 April 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4)

St. Georges, Grenada (ON SVG) – There have been mixed reactions on social media in Grenada to St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves’ invite to people of Carriacou and Petite Martinique, to come to St. Vincent for supplies if they have difficulty getting them.

Some people, including Grenadians, have agreed with the response of their Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell, blasting Dr. Gonsalves’ invite as being “grossly irresponsible” and even “reckless”, while other Grenadians have labelled the move as “a friendly gesture”.

Here are some of the comments we have seen so far:

In relation to a story on Now Grenada, some people commented as follows:

Comment 1: “Dr Ralph was only trying to help our own Caribbean neighbors. Remember he said he can do it in a structure way.”

Comment 2:“I think, if Grenada was doing what they had to for Carriacou and PM, those things would not be happening today. It is lack and neglect that’s at the root of this problem and covid 19 has exposed this weakness”.

Comment 3: “This is a friendly gesture by PM Gonsales, this would be good for Ccou and PM if it could be organized in a good manner as Gonsales mentions. Now as we will face food shortage, this is a good complement. Most of all, thanks for the kind thought now in this dissicult time of curfue.”

Comment 4:“Needless back and forth between leaders of two sovereign nations……neighbors at that. The world is in crisis for heavens sake! Don’t they have more urgent issues to attend to rather than snap at each other like school boys. Ridiculous!”

Comment 5:“You are reckless in the extreme!!! You are selfish. If you were the only one infecting your selves no one would argue with what you are saying. But for bananas your are prepared to risk the lives of a whole community!!!! THERE IS PANDEMIC GOING ON and ravaging first world countries…let’s hope you dont need medical help following your shopping trip!!!”

Comment 6: “You know what else is grossly irresponsible Dr. Mitchell? Letting citizens of your own country starve, even though there’s absolutely no need for it. Open the damn grocery stores. Mortality across Europe is not higher now than during a bad flu season. Nobody was losing their minds in 2017 or 2018 like they are now, even though the death count was higher back then. Euro MOMO. Look it up. Numbers don’t lie.”

Comment 7: “Couldn‘t agree more. The shopping rules are absolutely ridiculous. Tried to go shopping today. At 7:15 the queue was 200 meters long. At 9:00 I had moved a mere 20 meters, so I gave up.
The government should be forced to do their shopping themselves, that would quickly alter their policy.
It is even clear to a 6th grader that in this manner you cannot supply your people with what they need. It is time for the people of Grenada to Speak up and call the measures for the BS they are.
And what do you want to do next? The virus is a reality like influenza. Grenada is dependent on tourism. Do you want to lock the country for ever?
Welcome to the banana republic.”

Some comments on re-shares from One News Facebook:

Comment 1: “Lets be logical people the big man is saying its ok to come union island and buy what u need and go back home cause that has been happening people have been going over to buy things they cant get on carriacou and petite martinique”.

Comment 2: “Thanks for posting this , shows there are still people with logical thinking in Carriacou, for a while I was worried about my people after reading al this dumb posts about he’s a mad man . A lot people own thoughts holding them back and they don’t even realize it”.

Comment 3: “What do he?! Mind your business in your place! Carriacou people tell you dey hungry!”

Comment 4: We ain’t have no cases, you guys have how much. Leave Carriacou and Petite Martinique alone for now.

Your invitation is in the wrong timing. We are seeing what you have been doing and it is not nice.”

Exposed your people to the virus, smsh…

Comment 5: “Ralph and Keith being going at each other in a passive aggressive way for 10 yrs now smh….”

Comment 6: “smh”

Comment 7: “He could go with all of them… except the ones from L’Esterre. They make the best Sweat Rice.”

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