Papa Ralph Finally Allowing Ministers To Shine

The views expressed herein are solely those of the writer and do not reflect those of One News SVG.

By Shen Francois

First of all, let me begin by saying I don’t like Ralph Gonsalves.

I am also not a supporter of his party nor his leftist policies.

I never thought the day would come, however, when I would say he’s doing something right and it took a pandemic for it to happen.

This pandemic has proven a little too much for that old, weary dictator. Time has caught up on him, he can no longer micro manage.

This pandemic has cause him to operate from the back ends, forcing his hand to finally make way for, and trust his ministers to do their drops without him all over them.

Finally, we can see the real Luke Browne, we are seeing his personality and character coming out. He is appearing in press conferences, even though tired Papa Ralph still wants to show up and try to run things. Luke is making video press statements, created a daily ministers update on Facebook to provide information, and responding to concerns from the press on his own with far less micro management from Ralph.

Saboto is another example. He can be considered the Prime Minister of Agriculture and is on the front lines pushing his food security agenda, appearing at the ports where food is being shipped to neighboring territories, updating the nation frequently via social media about the food security situation and support for farmers and the like.

Jimmy Prince is another minister we are finally seeing more from without the Comrade shadowing his every move. We have seen him take charge of education in the country to usher in this new online system in response to Covid. We have seen the mass training of teachers, the tablet proposal and other initiatives with no sight of Ralph shadowing him.

Even Camillo seems to be getting a break from his father’s constant babysitting. The Covid-19 economic plans being rolled out by him and his ability to assert policies show that he now, more than ever, has more autonomy to operate without an umbilical cord attached to him.

There are some others, however, who seem to be overly dependent on Ralph and since he is not telling them what to say, you are not hearing them.

For instance, with the hard-hit tourism sector, where is Ces McKie? No word, no presence, no leadership. Where are the assurances from him or at least predictions to get the sector up and running, post Covid-19?

Where is Montgomery Daniel too?

One could only hope that for after Covid and for as long as the ULP regime lasts that these ministers are allowed to shine without Ralph’s shadow defining them, or Ralph himself telling them what to say.

By the way, where is Louis Straker in all of this? Is he well? Should we be worried? Will we be thrown into a political crisis soon if we find out he is no longer capable of performing his duties due to age?

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