We must continue to observe the rule or else

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Opinion: We must continue to observe the rule or else

Over the the past two months or more, the world has been experiencing a new plague named the coronavirus or Covid-19. It has killed thousands of persons around the globe, forced closure of countries, and caused world economies to come almost to a standstill.

Every day in many countries, new cases of the Covid-19, as the pandemic continue to cause havoc with what we knew as normal living. The Covid-19 is something none of our generation have ever experience, as a serious setback is imposed upon this world.

Thousands have lost their jobs, income generating is almost non-existent, almost 100 have died in the Caribbean with thousands having died in other countries, along with airplanes stop flying, and only essential cargo being accepted in ports all over the world.

Covid-19 have threaten the health care system in many countries, especially in the USA, England, Europe, Canada, and many other countries. What is happening in other countries has caused me to take a closer look at what is happening in my home country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. A number of measures have and are being taken by the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to control the possibility of community spread, and help persons who have been affected as a result of the economic fallout.

The rules laid out by the Ministry of Health as guided by the World Health Organisation, once observed by all will prevent the spread of this deadly virus, and its attendant death here in blessed Hairouna, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

I pray that all Vincentians here and abroad will not use this situation to spread hatred and dislike for anyone, for it is a time for all of us coming together, and not for division of any kind.

We have to look out for our neighbors. Covid-19 is no respecter of persons, for deaths have occurred in all ages. St. Vincent and the Grenadines along with other Caribbean countries are faced with threats from North America, South America, and Europe – a triple threat which needs the unity of all of us including the political leaders.

Covid-19 will be with us for a long time so we must stop fooling ourselves that it will go away soon. Life for us will never be the same for there will be no more large gatherings, parties, rallies, and full attendance at schools.

Already St. Kitts and Nevis have been forced to host their political general election campaigning via virtual platforms. It will be the same here in St. Vincent and trhe Grenadines for general elections are constitutionally due to be held in December 2020.

Teaching of students has been forced to change although this is an idea which was spoken of many times in the past. Many employees have, and will continue to be forced to work from home, but productivity must not drop below acceptable levels.

I would like to see persons stop taking life for granted, do what is needed to be done and not what we want for when we do thing against the rules, it affects others, and systems too.

Quarantine should be mandatory, and those cruise ship workers who agreed to be self-quarantined and are walking about as if there is nothing wrong, is putting all of us at risk. An outbreak of Covid-19 beyond what has occurred here will damage this country to such an extent, crime will become a way of daily life. So all of you cruise ship sailors, please stay at home for your 14-day quarantine. It will not kill you but help keep your family, friends, and country safe. Thew example that you set will determine the extend to which we stay healthy. The ball is in your court, in mine, and all of us so lets be responsible and do what has been asked of us – follow the guidelines and help keep Covid-19 at bay.

Gary Trumpet
Arnos Vale
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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