ULP has failed SVG

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the writer.

By: Maxx Walker

Opinion: ULP has failed SVG

For the past 20 or so years the ULP has broken promises after promises! Unemployment has increased exponentially.

In 2017 the IMF put youth unemployment at 46% and 30% among women. Projects have been started with no ending but the money is spent!

One example is the sporting complex where money was provided by the government of Libya over ten years ago. And now in this election year we should be happy with a basic rubber track, no lights and no stands!

It is hopeless for youths under the current situation which was created by the ULP; victimization is our lot if I don’t fall in line and shout labour…

They say tourism is the future of SVG but the actions by this government says the complete opposite.

The Grenadines is neglected. The airport in Bequia is all but destroyed. Salt Whistle Bay is left for the water to erode and citizens forcing citizens to scramble to save one of the world’s most beautiful beaches…

But all is not lost. SVG still have hope with the NDP! The past manifesto of the NDP is still relevant today as the hospital is still in great need by all the citizens of SVG!

The plans the NDP have for agriculture is leaps and bounds ahead of the lack of action displayed by the ULP.

Job creation is also at the top of the NDP’s list of things they will do to move SVG in the right direction.

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