Heat, long waits at AIA cargo terminal

Persons waiting on steps inside the cashing and waiting area to hear their names called to see their packages examined.

By Demion McTair. Updated 4:03 p.m., Wednesday, July 1, 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Discussion: In order to be more efficient, the managers of the Argyle International Airport Cargo Terminal need to implement a people-friendly customer service system.

The current system has strengths and weaknesses but there needs to be an emphasis on addressing the weaknesses.

These weaknesses, compiled based on complaints by individuals include:

  1. The warm conditions faced in the waiting area: people’s health matters. Apart from the obvious need to practice physical distancing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is also a need to ensure a comfortable waiting environment for customers. Having a hot one where people are sweating bullets in the waiting area is far from that.

Staff who operate the scanning machine were also seen sweating indicating their working conditions need some improvement.

  1. The long waits: Even people who are retired have things to do. So, think about the person who is running away from their busy work schedule to pick up an important package or another who is on the go and only has some time to spear.
Some individuals who were waiting for hours for their packages resort to taking seats on the steps, while others remained standing.

Going to pick up a package should not feel like a situation where you have to dedicate the full day to the exercise. If it is so, then it means the the cargo terminal is NOT getting a good grade when it comes to customer relations and their system needs urgent attention.

  1. The absence of a ticket system or a loud speaker to announce names: one of the surest ways to make a long wait worse is to create more uncertainty about when a customer will actually get through.

If there is no ticket system, no loud speaker system to announce names and no staff on patrol to help inform the customers who might opt to escape the heat or the crowd inside and stay outside, the customer is playing a guessing game.

The waiting space is also small and is a cashing space as well. So, when there is a crowd, there is hardly a distinction as to who is cashing and who is waiting. If you opt to wait outside, there is no loudspeaker system through which you can hear and know that your name is called. The workers at the scanner announce the names, so you have to be inside the jammed area to hear yours.

This current set up can also create a perception that there is an arbitrary system in place where the order in which the names are called is concerned.

On the good side of things at AIR Cargo Terminal:

  1. Members of the staff are seemingly very friendly and knowledgeable.
  2. The facilities are clean.
  3. There is suitable parking.

What should AIA Cargo Terminal managers do urgently?

The AIA Cargo Terminal building where individuals go to collect air shipped packages and items.

1. Try a little air-conditioning in the small cashing and waiting area to make waiting more comfortable.

2. Implement a ticket system and a loud speaker so that people who have to wait outside if there is a crowd can know when it’s their turn to come inside to have their packages examined.

3. Perhaps hire or utilize more staff to quickly locate packages and get lines moving along in reasonable time.

Other recommendations can be added and left in the comments.

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