Sick-O is not a newcomer, music enthusiast says

By Demion McTair. Updated 1:07 a.m., Monday, July 6, 2020, Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

Discussion: One individual in the music fraternity has taken One News SVG to task over a July 5, headline that branded SVG’s first Virtual Soca Monarch winner, Kevon “Sick-O” Shallow as a newcomer, along with Tyrique “D’fusion” Thomas.

D’Fusion won the ragga soca title, while Sick-O won the soca competition title in Saturday’s historic event.

See – 2 Newcomers win historic virtual ragga and soca monarch

In a message to One News SVG on Sunday, July 5, the individual who will not be named in this story, said that Sick-O has been around since 2014.

The music enthusiast said that Sick-O has had “hits” such as his 2017 song “Straight off the rocks”, and his 2019 song “Bun up”.

The enthusiast said Sick-O has made two monarch entries. Sick-O’s first song went “across borders”, the individual said.

In the July 5, article, One News SVG said “Well-known artiste Royal competed in the soca category”, setting up a distinction between novel and well known artistes.

One News SVG told the individual that Sick-O was still emerging. But, the individual, who said that they have proximity to the artiste, said it is incorrect to brand Sick-O as a newcomer because doing so means he just started.

The individual, however, had no issue with the naming of D’Fusion as a newcomer.

The individual said they got about five phone calls in response to One News SVG initial article where people were asking when did Sick-O start singing.

The comments set up a debate about when does an artiste reach the maturity to no longer be considered novel (new), and the role brand awareness plays in artiste’s profiling as novel or experienced.

The Virtual Soca and Ragga Soca Monarch competitions were organized by STV Online, Ignite, and Envy, with Steve Wallace, Candace Sealey, and Lester Iroha being the engineers of the historic online event.

The St. Vincent Brewery Limited and Digicel, were the main sponsors of the event. Other corporate entities also provided support and prizes.

The first ever Virtual Calypso Monarch is slated to happen today, July 5.

Saturday’s ragga and soca monarch competitions took place on the same date the national ragga and soca monarch competitions organized by the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC), were slated to happen this year.

The events, along with the entire hosting of Vincy Mas 2020 were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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