Opinion: The Last Straw Was Sir Louis

The views expressed herein are solely those of the writer.

By The Silent Voter

Opinion: I am usually the behind the scenes type, but I have always been up front for my party. I voted for the first time last election and I voted for ULP. My entire family are supporters of the ULP, and I was able to get on the YES program.

I was scrolling facebook and I saw a clip of Sir Louis saying we are not suffering much because of COVID19. This is far from the truth. My mother has lost her job since the covid thing has been going on, so I know that my family is feeling the pressure. We get a love box yes, but it already done. Our house has at least 4 people unemployed in it.

I found Sir Louis to have been so insensitive. I simply cannot vote
for him again. I never use to listen to NDP before because I was just labour full stop, but Sir Louis turned me right off. I couldn’t believe it. It was the last straw for me because, I was having my problems with things in the country all along but, I was going along and holding firm because it was my party, but my conscience can’t do it any more.

Now I am going to give NDP a listening ear because Friday seem like a good guy, he shake my hand one time on a walkabout in our constituency. To think I almost did not want to even shake Friday hand because of loyalty to Sir Louis, and that is what he saying that people not suffering. I really feel it. It was the last straw for me.

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