The Problems with Sex Crimes In SVG.

BY Antonia Kemar 

Some Victims and their children are still experience sexual Assault, Battery (Battery is a criminal offense involving unlawful physical contact, distinct from assault which is the act of creating apprehension of such contact.) and verbally assault after designated assigned to investigate her/his complaint, relocation and the criminals then assign it under they are the law thinking like a criminal.

Sex crimes

Annual increase in recorded rapes and a rise in sexual offences reported to police is evidence of a horrifying social trend which perversely statistics are optimism play forward. Most victims were suffering in open public is aware but is silence, a few excerpts from victims;

· “I was not alone trying to tell my story, but was not listened to. “We were called whores and liars. There were many of us who were later treated like that is what was stated from persons saying they were sent coming to give us money but for sex. And we were spat on if we tried to talk about it,” is what is remembered “

· “I always spoke about it: ‘I’ll write a book about this abuse and thought I’m going to stop it’ But of course, I wasn’t able to.”

· “living in perpetual state of terror after experiencing public flogging and rum yard group rape”

· “Someone like me, who comes from a poor family, just got ignored.”

· “The group spoke up at public meetings attended by local politicians, health workers, the police and other authorities but was just later seen as a trouble maker is the impression given.”

· “They can’t go around looking in people’s homes destroying things and attempting to burn. People must be able to ask for help.”

“Sex offences” is one of the most damaging crime categories of all and the effects are psychologically devastating for years, sometimes a lifetime. Some Police and prosecutors have put great effort into encouraging victims to come forward and it is evidence of a more brutal society and Some of this increase is a consequence of what has been described as the “help for the operation of self and social issues improvement and deprecation of persons from personal grudge like not sleeping with my friend, so encouraging victims and others to come forward and get it done for gratuity but some victims ended up dead and society scorn.

The scandal also saw the Crown Prosecution Service change its guidance on the weight given to testimony from alleged victims. “The days of the model victim are over,” the then Director of Public Prosecutions had announced. “From now on these cases will be investigated and prosecuted efficiently, whatever the vulnerabilities of the victim. Some Police and other agencies signed up to a joint protocol designed to make it less traumatic for the victims of sex crimes to tell their stories.

Sex crimes refer to criminal offenses of a sexual nature.

Commonly known sex crimes include, rape, child molestation( regardless of single home or group prostitution rings), sexual battery, lewd conduct, Animal sexual abuse possession(weather for sport or competition lewd), possession and distribution of child pornography, possession and distribution of unlawful obscene material (A crime in progress), unlawful prostitution, solicitation of unlawful prostitution, unlawful pimping, pandering, indecent exposure, lewd act with a child, and penetration of the genital or anal region by a foreign Object.

The following is an example of SVG law defining sex crime:

Sex crime means Rape in any degree, sodomy in any degree, unlawful sexual penetration in any degree and sexual abuse .

As well as being encouraged to take allegations more seriously, rumored that police officers also had reformation recently done because of inadequate the way they record sexual offences reported to them – specifically suggestions that victims have had their reports of rapes and sexual assaults inappropriately “no-crime” or ignored, allegations with rewards, with reputations of real cases unfairly but terminally shredded, irrespective of the outcome as existed but not all law enforcement believes in half empty glass.

A comprehensive sexual education covers a wide range of topics. These are:

Human Development. This education aspect refers to the discussion of human reproduction, sexual orientation, puberty, gender identity.
Relationships. As we have mentioned before, pornography that teens watch so much nowadays ruins all the concepts of normal human relationships. This part of the sexual education in SVG highlights the importance of friendships, romantic dates, and families.

Personal Skills. If a student has strong personal skills such as communicating, negotiating and decision making, he will be more inclined to staying away from sexual mistakes. Sexual Behaviours. This part of the education is created to teach abstinence and sexuality for the entire life.
Sexual Health. One of the most important aspects of sex education is addressed to preserving students’ sexual health. During his course, such topics are discussed and taught as the means of contraception, the diseases transmitted through a sexual intercourse, and the dangers and results of pregnancy at an early age.

Society and Culture. And the final aspect of sexual education includes such key points as the gender roles in life, diversity of people and their sexual inclinations, sexuality in media, and how the society may impact one’s sexual behavior.

Every student in an SVG school, college, and university has the right to demand sexual education behavior from its establishments. The aim of this sphere is to provide the youth with enough knowledge and skills for them to make only safe and responsible choices. Sex education in SVG focuses on safer sex, love and emotions during every sexual intercourse and physiological desire, respect for oneself and others, including those who have different sexual orientation. If done correctly, every student will leave school, colleges and universities ready for a fulfilling and healthy adult life.

Types of sexual and other Bullying in society

Persons pressuring each other with movie scenes with physical violence or boycotting reports come up head of the list. Several types of bullying when comes to public offences and others includes:
• Verbal includes calling names, making rude comments, laughing at someone with the intent to provoke anger for malicious reports and refused public service to citizen who need it which resulted in injuries.
• Physical is the use of brute force for abuse and stealing and breaking someone’s belongings and using it for their own benefit or against the person’s interest for self-development.
• Social means persons and agencies leaving someone out of economic, social, medical and educational beneficent upgrade with unknowing malicious intent cause devilment of rape victims out of them and cause death.
• Cyber bullying is used over the Internet; an oppressor usually leaves mean messages and comments on their target’s social media page.

A Sex Crime Act refers to an Act to make provision about sexual offences, their prevention and the protection of children from other sexual acts, and for connected purposes.

Abuse of Process

Abuse of process refers to the improper use of a civil or criminal legal procedure for an unintended, malicious, or perverse reason. Abuse of process includes litigation actions filed in bad faith that are meant to delay the delivery of justice or abolish it.

Malice is considered as a necessary element of the tort of abuse of process where punitive or exemplary damages are sought. Proof of malice required in order can sustain a claim for abuse of process which causes damages.

Recoverable Damages

In an action for abuse of process, an injured person could recover actual damage s/he suffered as a natural and probable consequence of abuse. Courts allow punitive damages, when the conduct of the wrongdoer is wanton, reckless, or shows spite or ill will.

Rape Laws in General

To convict an offender of rape, some form of non-consensual sexual penetration, however slight, must occur. Each instance of penetration can serve as a count of rape, as well.

The most common form of rape is forcible rape, in which an offender uses violence or threats of violence to force a victim into sexual intercourse. In most states, however, rape can also occur with other forms of duress, such as blackmailing the victim.

Prosecutors can charge rape when an offender and victim have a pre-existing relationship (including so-called date rape), or even when the offender is the victim’s spouse.

Too much force is used in defusing some criminal situation which results in alienation of people’s cases from court house justice. The problem is National and must be address because these deadly assault are sometimes taking place at day time with enforced fear that they have connection to elude being charge which is stating is what the legal system is encouraging and persons should not talk cause either way justice will not be enforced.. So is it you wash my hand and I wash yours and the victims ends up dead. Sex crimes have punishment and its time that all are enforced.

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