Are the courts unfair to men?

The views expressed herein are solely those of the writer.

By Anonymous

Discussion: John grew up in poverty and worked his way up. He owns a house he built all by himself and decided he wanted to settle down and find a woman to start a family with and have children.

John also has a business. John got married to his beautiful lady and they remained happily married until their priorities started changing.

They moved on and divorced. They had no children. John created no additional businesses and neither did his current business grow during the period of the marriage. In divorce proceedings, the court awarded $100,000 to John’s wife.

Then there is Jacob’s story. Jacob, unlike John, had children in his marriage. But, his wife met him with everything.

He and his wife divorced after developing irreconcilable differences and in divorce proceedings, the court awarded her half of everything Jacob owned, citing care of the children as a key reason.

Nathan also had his time at the court during divorce proceedings. But, Nathan married to a woman who had everything and he brought nothing to the table.

After 15 years of marriage and four children, Nathan was awarded nothing by the courts and was told he had to contribute to the upkeep of the children. The youngest child was 5-years-old and the oldest being 14.

Then there was Adam. Adam and his wife built together from scratch having tied the knots at a young age.

After years of togetherness and two children together, they went their separate ways through a divorce. Adam was instructed to split assets between him and his wife.

He fought the matter in court, preferring a monetary payout to which the court agreed and then he fought the sum awarded. The court upheld the figure for the wife as they both worked and contributed to each other over the years.

There is also the story of Jimmy. He gained custody for the children in court after divorce and also was able to keep everything he owned and acquired during the marriage.

The wife, who had started another family, was granted nothing.


Are the courts unfair to men in divorce and child custody matters?

Do the courts prefer to consider unique circumstances to ensure fair rulings?

Can some matters be settled out of court?

Are we willing to have prenuptial agreements be legal?

Feel free to ask any other relevant questions in the comments.

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